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Meet the Team: Tim Bickerton

About Me

Hi everyone. I’m Tim Bickerton, Project Manager at Think Through Math, and I’m just about to celebrate my one-year anniversary with the team. I’m pleased to be able to spend every day working with an extraordinary group of people all committed to helping students learn math.

What’s a Project Manager do, you ask? Together with Jim, our CTO, and our Product Management organization, I help to ensure our talented engineers have a clearly defined feature roadmap and are kept free from distraction to focus on their creativity. I also partner with TTM Customer Support to ensure that customer feedback and issues are addressed in a timely manner with world-class technical customer service. In the past year, I’ve partnered with TTM engineers to develop new reports and dashboards for teachers and administrators, new problem types for students and enhanced experiences for parents, among other projects.

Jim promotes a culture of teaching and learning at TTM, and that’s a culture I’m proud to stand behind. As a part-time adjunct instructor of IT Management at a local university, I take my job of demystifying technology to my undergraduate students very seriously. My goal is to provide my students the tools to be successful, and leave my courses with an understanding of just how much technology complements their professional and personal lives. Teaching and working at TTM provide me avenues to “give back” to students by providing them with the tools, feedback and instruction they need to be successful in math, technology, or even life!

So, how do I use math in my life every day?

Calculating my students’ grades, of course!