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Meet the Team: Jeff Koenig

Hi web surfers! My name is Jeff Koenig and I am the Quality Assurance Manager and relentless automator at Think Through Math. I’ve been with TTM for a little over a year now and I’ve loved working here. In my time here I’ve worked setting up a scalable jenkins continuous integration environment, load testing and have helped maintain the quality of the software that our awesome team produces.

How do I use math in my everyday life? Well something that has been very important to me in many aspects of my life is efficiency. Efficiency is basically the cost of particular task. This cost can be a combination of time, money, and effort, among other things. This turned out to be a very important value to have while working as a line cook. Which is what I did from the time I turned 15 up until I graduated from college. But wait, what does any of this have to do with math? Well the main job a of a line cook is to reproduce a number of menu items as fast as possible without sacrificing the quality or taste of the dish. So it becomes very important to figure out how you can assemble a dish in the least amount of time possible. This requires analysing the process of putting together a particular dish, and shorting every step of the process that you can. This means that anything that can be prepared ahead of time is a must. After that, the next major time savings is having things located as close to where they will be used in the process as possible. Doing this will keep you from having to waste precious time taking steps away from your station and the dish you are preparing. When you do have to take the hit of walking a couple steps away from your station, it is important to make that movement as effective as possible by getting anything you are going to need from that area so that you take that trip as few times as possible. Then, continue you tearing apart the longest step of the process and making it shorter and before you know it, you are putting out beautiful dishes in a matter of a few minutes.

As it turns out to be an excellent value to have in any part of your life. Finding the most effective way to perform particular tasks in your everyday life and in your work will make you a much more effective person and save you time and money.